Scientific and Technical Report Writing


25 hours; ten 2½-hour meetings, five 5-hour meetings, or three all-day meetings.


Scientific and Technical Report Writing is designed to help scientists, engineers, technicians, medical researchers, and technical writers and editors solve the special problems encountered in scientific and technical writing. The course has four objectives:


The governing principle in this course is the principle of immediate application. Discussions in technique are followed immediately by sessions in which class members participate, and during which they apply the lessons of the day to practice exercises and problems based on actual samples taken from memorandums, letters, and reports. Homework is assigned on a regular basis.


The Communications Skills Company will provide each student with a 460-page text entitled Reference Materials for Effective Writing. In addition, we will provide students with more than 100 pages of exercises based on actual scientific and technical reports produced by government, business, and industry.

Class size

No more than 25 students a class.


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