Making Meetings Work


25 hours; ten 2½-hour meetings, five 5-hour meetings, or three all-day meetings.


During a career in Government, Business, or Industry, the typical professional will spend many hours in conferences and meetings, usually as a general participant, but occasionally as an organizer or leader. Some meetings are quite productive, but many others are inadequately prepared, haphazardly conducted, and unnecessarily long.

Making Meetings Work will show students how to anticipate certain problems inherent in meetings and to eliminate the possibility that these problems will occur. The course has the following objectives:


After the instructor has provided background, the students will lead and participate in meetings. These meetings will be videotaped so that students can—

Each student is expected to lead at least one meeting. By having to lead a meeting, students not only learn leadership skills and develop confidence in interacting with a group, but also learn to appreciate the difficulties and problems of others who must chair these meetings.

Students are also expected to offer constructive criticism of meetings conducted by other members of the class.


The skills taught in this course apply to—


The Communications Skills Company will furnish materials specifically developed or carefully selected for the course.

Class Size

No more than 15 students a class. The class size is deliberately limited to give each student an opportunity to lead one or several meetings. When times for discussion, review of the videotape, critique, and breaks are all added together, each meeting leader will be allotted approximately 1 hour for his or her meeting.


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