Clear Writing


25 hours; ten 2½-hour meetings, five 5-hour meetings, or three all-day meetings.


Clear Writing is a study of the English language as an effective instrument of factual communication. It has four objectives:

The skills taught in this course apply to any type of written communication, including letters, memorandums, manuals, specifications, regulations, standard operating procedures, and scientific, technical, and administrative reports.

Clear Writing is recommended for professionals at all levels—in short, for anyone who writes, edits, or reviews any type of written communication. The course is especially recommended for supervisors and managers, as well as scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, auditors, program analysts, project managers, computer programmers, and technical writers and editors.


The governing principle of this course is that of immediate application. The instructor uses discussions, demonstrations, lectures, and visual aids to cover problems and problem-solving techniques. These discussions and demonstrations are followed immediately by laboratory sessions in which class members participate actively and during which they apply the lesson of the day to practice material based on actual samples of communications problems which often confront the typical writer in government, business, or industry. During these sessions, the instructor works with class members on an individual basis.


Each student will be supplied at 275-page text that provides a written copy of all course content, as well as other useful reference materials. Each student will complete more than 50 pages of exercises based on actual writing samples from Government, Business, and Industry.

Class size

No more than 25 students a class.


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