Building Word Power


25 hours; ten 2½-hour meetings, five 5-hour meetings, or three all-day meetings.


A large working vocabulary is important because it relates intimately to precision in writing, expressiveness in speech, and comprehension in reading and listening. Furthermore, words are the symbols we use in framing patterns of thought. Obviously, the larger our word stocks, the more precise our thought patterns and expression patterns can be. For all of these reasons, a rounded program in communications skills demands a concentrated course in vocabulary study.

Building Word Power features the study of synonyms and the study of Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes and Greek combining forms. To expand their word stocks, students will complete more than 30 exercises. Most of the words in these exercises are selected from the learning zone immediately above the vocabulary level of the average employee of government, business, or industry.

Building Word Power not only gives students the opportunity to learn over 2,000 new words, but suggests ways to continue expanding their vocabularies.


The Communications Skills Company will provide references and exercises especially written for this course.

Class size

No more than 30 students a class.


Call 256-883-6310 for pricing information.

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