The Communications Skills Company

Providing onsite training courses for professional adults in writing, speaking, listening, and reading for over 51 years!

In addition to providing training, the Communications Skills Company offers the following services:

Editing and proofreading: We can edit or proofread any document for any purpose. We have experience with the following documents, among many others:

We are very familiar with the style requirements of the U.S. Government Publications Office and its style manual. We can also familiar with the style requirements of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Ghost writing: We can ghost-write journal articles, magazine articles, press releases, blog posts, website content, and other similar written materials. We can also ghost-write presentations and briefings.

Research: We can conduct legal research for attorneys or judges [FN1.], but do not provide legal advice to the public. We can also conduct scholarly research using internet or public library resources on any other type of subject, including market studies.

Typesetting: As long as you are happy with receiving materials typeset using either Word or WordPerfect, we can provide typesetting of books, manuals, and any other type of document. We can also typeset and design simple display advertisements.

Consultation and coaching: We can advise any person on writing any document, designing web pages, or making presentations.

Prices: Available upon request and depend on the nature and requirements of the document.

FN1:  We cannot legally conduct any type of legal research for a person who is not an attorney at law or judge.