Effective Oral Presentations


25 hours; ten 2½-hour meetings, five 5-hour meetings, or three all-day meetings.


Employees may be called upon to deliver oral presentations to fellow employees. They may be asked or required to deliver an oral presentation to their boss, their boss' boss, or some other decision-maker in their organization. To advance their careers, they may want to deliver a paper before some local or national professional organization. Or they may be asked to represent their organization by making a speech before a local service club, such as Rotary International or the Business and Professional Women.

In any event, employees will want to make such experiences as productive and comfortable as they can. If they have never had any training in how to make an oral presentation, this course is designed to give them the basic skills necessary to prepare and deliver one. If they have had some training or experience in handling oral presentations, this course is designed to review some basic principles they may have previously encountered and to give them the opportunity to polish the skills they have already acquired. It will also offer them some methods of decreasing the time it may take to prepare a presentation and of increasing the effectiveness of the presentations they deliver.

To accomplish these general purposes, students should be able to achieve the following objectives by the end of this course:


Each student will be called upon to make at least three major presentations. Students will not only receive constructive criticism from the instructor, but also from their fellow students. In this way, students will learn from observing the strengths and weaknesses of their classmates. As a further aid in identifying strengths and weaknesses, students will have an opportunity to see themselves on videotape.


The Communications Skills Company will provide a 300-page text specifically written for professional adults who must make presentations in the real world of work. Students are provided with easy-to-use forms for preparing and organizing presentations. In addition to decreasing the time needed to organize and prepare a presentation, these forms increase the effectiveness of presentations.

Class Size

No more than 20 students a class.


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