Observations About the Oxford Comma, an article written by John Hightower of Communications Skills Company. The so-called Oxford comma is the comma used before and (or other conjunctions) in a series of three or more items, as in "The flag is red, white, and blue." The Associated Press and most newspapers omit the comma before and.

Links to Other Web Pages With Guidance About Punctuation

For those who are interested in the history of punctuation,, we recommend the following books (accessible without charge):

Although the following modern punctuation references are not free, we highly recommend them:

  • Punctuation at Work: Simple Principles for Achieving Clarity and Good Style, Richard Lauchman (2010).
  • Gregg Reference Manual, 11th edition, William Sabin (2010). This book is not limited to the issue of punctuation, but is a comprehensive work on punctuation, capitalization, grammar, usage, style, document formats, and various related issue.

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